Arrival to Prague.Hotel accommodation. Dinner.


9:00 Excursion in Prague „Meet Prague“.
The excursion starts in Strahovský klášter and the brewery.

The Strahov Monastic Brewery is located close by to the Prague Castle in the building of the Strahov Monastery, which was founded by King Vladislav II in 1142. The first documentation on the brewery come form the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. The decision on the construction of a new and fully functional brewery, where the restaurant is today, was made by Abbot Kaspar Questenberg in 1628. The brewery was closed in 1907, and the buildings were used solely as farm houses. The brewery was restored only three years ago, in 2000, during an extensive and difficult reconstruction of the entire complex. The current Strahov Monastic Brewery offers to its guests a total capacity of 350 seats in three peculiar environments the brewery itself, St. Norbert Restaurant and Brewery Courtyard.

During the excursion you will see Prague Loreto, you will cross Hradčanské náměstí and get to Prague Castle. Near the Prague Castle you will have an opportunity to visit st. Vitus Cathedral. Walking in the Prague street labyrinth you will get through the Old Town next to the Powder Tower, Carolinum, right to the Old Town Square and continue on the Karlova street down to Klementinum and of course the Charles´s Bridge! Finally at the end of excursion you get to see the Wenceslaw Square with the very stately building of National Muzeum.

13:00-14:00 Lunch at Staroměstská restaurace.

Individual program

18:00-19:00 Dinner at restaurant U Fleků.

The first written document dates back to 1499 when the house was bought by maltster Vít Skřemenec. The brewery U Fleků is thus the only brewery in Central Europe which has been brewing continuously for over 500 years. The brewery was nationalised with the onset of the communist rule. The original owners, the Brtník family, regained the brewery and restaurant in 1991, after the fall of the regime.

Sleeping over in a hotel in Prague.


9:00 Trip to Plzeň( Stop on the road in Czech glass factory in town Nizhbor)

You will learn about the history and secrets behind making the legendary Pilsner Urquell lager. You can see the actual spot in the brewery where Pilsner Urquell beer has been brewed since 1842. We shall guide you through our modern bottling plant, with its capacity of 120,000 bottles per hour; a unique exposition on the ingredients we use; and the historic and modern Pilsner Urquell brewhouse. The tour of the Pilsner Urquell brewery would not be complete without a visit to the historic brewery cellars, where you can taste unfiltered and unpasteurized Pilsner Urquell on tap straight from oak lager barrels (for those over 18 years old)

Lunch at restaurant Na Spilce

Trip to Mariánské Lázně.

Mariánské Lázně means beautiful spa parks , romantic colonnades, charming pavilions, pleasant cafes and cozy hotels. The town is endowed with many healing mineral springs and revels in a unique atmosphere that attracts thousands of visitors every year who come to soak up this atmosphere. It is a place where history meets today and where a pleasant holiday means everything from spa relaxation through to actively participating in sports & walks and finally ending your day relaxing to a variety of entertainment programs. The basis of this grandiose project proposed by the architect Václav Skalník required significant terrain modifications on which the parks were subsequently created. Other than the town’s springs, the parks are perhaps the most significant and imposing feature of the town.

The main spa promenade and town’s most significant monument is the Colonnade, which was made from cast iron in 1889. The drinking treatment springs Cross (Kříž), Carolina(Karolina) and Rudolf are directed to outlets on the Colonnade. In front of the Colonnade is the town’s biggest tourist attraction, the Singing Fountain.

The Singing Fountain

The Singing Fountain is one of the dominant features of Mariánské Lázně. It is situated on the Colonnade close to the statue of Abbot Reitenberger. The fountain is a circular pool of 18m diameter with a 12-piece stone sculpture of stylized flower forms with a polished steel center piece. The fountain is made up of a 10 basic water jet system that in total contains more than 250 actual jets with the center jet capable of reaching a height of six meters. Its operation is computerised enabling it to produce a very creative and varied combination of jet effects including coloured lights embedded within the pool. The creator of these artistic effects is the academic architect Pavel Mišík.

Arrival to Chodová Planá. Accommodation in hotel U Sládka.

Dinner at restauranet Ve Skále.

A stylish restaurant seating up to 260 guests and a small brewery museum are situated in a part of a unique rock labyrinth of 800 year-old brewery cellars.

The ancient lager cellars from the 12th century, cut in granite massif, are nowadays still used for cease fermenting. Apart from a wide range of Czech and foreign cuisines the restaurant provides its customers with a unique opportunity to taste our natural yeast beer draught straight from the stock tub of the rock cellar.


Treatments in Beer Wellness land Chodová Planá.

Real Beer Baths are an original curative spa therapy combining remedial effects of warm mineral waterbeer, ingredients for brewing beer, products of the brewing process and classical as well as special massages.

Real Beer Baths include:

The aim of the baths involves harmonizing functions of the organism, mental rest, recondition and relaxation. The procedures have curative effects on the complexion and hair, relieve muscle tension, warm up joints and support immune system of the organism. For better rejuvenating results I recommend to accompany the original beer treatment with a partial massage aimed at problematic body parts or a full body massage reducing muscle tension.

Real Bear Baths

The real beer baths are prepared in a rehabilitation tub from water and mineral water ILSANO® and have a temperature of 34 °C. The special ingredients consist of dark Bathing Beer, which is produced in a traditional way based on the original copyright method and made by the main brewer of the family brewery Chodovar, active beer yeast, hop draff and a mixture of dehydrated crushed herbs. The bath level is covered by the distinct beer foam of a caramel colour and the area is scented by the fragrance of freshly brewed dark beer.

Treatment process

The client is immersed into the bath whose agreeable temperature causes mild and gradual rise of the heart activity and activation of blood circulation in all the vascular system. The bath warms the cuticle and opens up skin pores through which, due to moderate sweating, unhealthy substances are scoured away from the subcutis. The hop draff functions as purifying peeling, removing tired parts of skin. The active beer yeast provides the skin with a wide range of vitamins B, proteins and saccharides and contributes to overall softening and regeneration of the cuticle. Carbonized bubbles contained in the mineral water ILSANO®remain on the skin and thus enable effective relaxation in mild sparkling baths. To harmonize the blood pressure, increase the outcome of the bath and enhance the relaxation experience, the guests are recommended a glass of natural non-pasteurised Chodovar, which positively works on all the digestive system as well.

The length of the stay in the bath is 20 minutes.

After the bath the client is reposed on a bed in the relaxation area and covered by a sheet and a fleece quilt. With dimmed light and pleasant music, the organism starts soothing. The warmed up body finishes the sweating phase, the heart activity slows down, the blood pressure slowly decreases, the muscles get released and the body energy is renewed. The purified and rejuvenated skin receives healthy and effective substances, which have remained on the cuticle and are gradually absorbed through the pores into the subcutis. The physical rest reflects the mental rest and the relaxed body enables our mind to disengage and release a flow of positive thoughts and energy.

The suggested time of the rest after the bath is at least 25 minutes.

Remedial packs

Original malt draff remedial packs

Curative effects of malt draff:

1) Physical – following a medical consultation, warmed up malt draff (38 °C – 42 °C) is applied on problematic parts, such as nape, shoulders and hands. Progressive warming causes abatement of chronic arthritis disorders, improves blood return – helps with metabolite transfer and betters functional properties of myoskeletal system.

2) Substances positively influencing skin, nails, hair – with respect to the composition of malt draff, favourable effects of vitamins and proteins contained on skin and cutaneous adnexa are fully evident. They are suitable especially for treatment of constitutional dermatitis, psoriasis, dermatitis (according to the type) or problems with “dry skin”. They are used for cosmetic indication of cellulitis, skin quality changes and as nourishing face-masks.

3) Overall effect connected with transport through skin

Forms of application:

warm local packs

application on skin with follow-up packs

additive baths – version for children


Massages are recommended accompaniments of bath procedures in the real Beer Baths.

  • classical massages

  • lymphatic massages

  • reflex massages – foot and according to specification

  • climatherapy

  • terrain therapy

  • kinetic therapy

  • relaxation methods

Reflexive Foot Massage

Herbal massage is followed by acupressure massage of the feet. Through this special technique it is possible to influence the function of inner organs and to induce a balance in the area of autonomic nerves.

Lava stone massages

It is a Chinese method which is very popular and much sought for. It makes a very pleasant change and is probably one of the most attractive ways of massages you can experience.

During the massage, 53 smooth lava stones are used. They are warmed up in water bath at the temperatures around 37 – 40 °C and put on the body. The heat coming from the stones as well as their vibrations work upon meridians, which are energy pathways leading from tips of toes and fingers all around the body and belonging to all inner organs.

Drinking cure

Mineral water ILSANO®

(3×300 ml a day between meals, slowly)

Suitable for treatment of different forms of ferrum metabolism, high blood pressure problems, urolithiasis and some types of metabolic derangements.

Hopped wort“

(28–56 ml preferably half an hour before a meal, can be dosed 4 – 5 times a day)

It contains a high amount of vitamins, has a calming and psychical effect, it is suitable for indigestion and for adjusting intestinal microflora. It positively influences hepatic function and stimulates renal function, strengthens all the organism, improves immune system function, has anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antivirus effects.


Trip to Karlovy Vary.

Visit of chateu Loket, spa town Karlovy Vary, on the way back to Prague there will be a stop in Krušovice brewery ( you must leave Karlovy Vary
the latest possible time at 16:00).

Arrival to Prague / Leaving the Czech republic

+ 1 DAY


Though the attribute ‘world famous’ is dished out all too readily, it is a befitting term in the case of Dresden. The city is famed not only for its three major landmarks –Zwinger PalaceSemper Opera House and the Church of Our Lady – but also for Brühl Terrace and the Royal Palace, for the Elbe palaces on the Loschwitz hillside, for the exclusive villas of Blasewitz, the garden city of Hellerau and, of course, for the twelve Dresden State Art Collections. And not forgetting the city centre’s prime position on the western bank of the Elbe, at the apex of one of the river’s gently sweeping meanders.

+ 1 DAY


Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a lively, cosmopolitan town with a unique atmosphere surrounded by unspoiled countryside. Dominated by a Castle stretching over the meandering Vltava River, Český Krumlov’s narrow cobblestone streets wind along romantic nooks between patrician houses where you’ll find attractive exhibits of world- renown artists, music festivals and concerts, and theatre performances. The cosy inns, coffee shops, and ancient taverns entertain a diverse international crowd.

+ 1 DAY